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Radio Tamazuj into Radio Dabanga

11 23 13
15535kHz R Tamazuj in progress at 1510z tune in then nice ID right before music into R. Dabanga at 1528z.
Here’s the recordings (longer one is Tamazuj going off).

Voice of Forum of Eritreans

Music at sign on today 11/17/13 1700z 15245kHz
Into YL/OM.
Noisy here with approaching t-storms/tornados
Only broadcasts Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun best I can tell.
Language tigrinya – via Sophia, Bulgaria
Hope you like the recording of the 1st 90 secs (aborted by thunder claps in distance).

Radio Inyabutatu

Thanks to Glimmer Twin I copied this clandestine today 9/21/13 at 1700z on 17870kHz,
As luck would have it my Audacity froze for a few seconds just as they signed on with unknown music – the recording has a quick burst of the music into an OM in an unknown language.
Assumed from Sophia, Bulgaria to Rwanda (which is clearly mentioned a few times

Basic Info & Radio Hargeysa (non-Clandestine)

Ok – a bit about me & my location: I’m near Chicago, IL USA. I use a Drake R8, a Ten-Tec RX340, a JRC NRD545, and a Watkins Johnson HF-1000, with a 300′ tuned LW, and a 40m inverted vee, plus a bunch of gadgets (Sherwood SE-3s, JPS NIR-12, Timewave DSP 599zx, RF Systems P-3).
I’m 52 and have listened to SW since I was about 10. Unfortunately I didn’t start a written log until 1992 or so. I have logged many clandestines, concentrating on chasing African stations. I have a lot of recordings & I’ll be posting them from time to time.
As we get near fall, conditions should improve greatly – work typically keeps me off the tuning knobs Mon-Fri 6am to 5pm CT. I’ll try to post a heads up of clandestine activity on here as I confirm schedules for the fall.
I tend to use whatever schedules I can find on the web (EiBi, Primetime SW, swskeds from NASWA via yahoo, etc.).
Here’s Radio Hargeysa (VO Somaliland) from Somalia that I caught on 3/17/13 at 0330z on 7120khz. You’ll notice they come up at the BOH into marching music, then drums with the same music, into an OM in Somali language, then eventually chanting. Though not a clandestine, catches like this indicate openings in the right direction! This is a slice of the recording that I have.
I hope that you enjoy my blog and find the recordings of interest.

Radio Miraya FM

Hello all – here’s a sample of a clandestine I caught on 3/17/13 at 0300z 9940khz. This BX is via the Sudan and is directed to Africa in general. Interesting that it pops up out of static into a song in progress then transitions to Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay” before the first voice announcement, then into music. The full recording contains the entire Dylan song, but I edited here for brevity.
Recent feedback indicates this is NOT a clandestine though sources still list it as such. Strange.
I have more of this recording – this is just a slice.
I hope that you enjoy it.

Welcome to the Clandestine section!

Hello all,
While I am in NO WAY an expert on dxing clandestine stations, I have concentrated on this area of SWLing for the past 20 or so years.
I figured I’d start out by telling you a bit about myself, my equipment, and the “tools” I use to find info about clandestine station broadcasts.
At some point I’d like to be able to “post” some mp3s of recordings that I have made over the years – many of which are of clandestines that are now long gone. I’m not real computer literate but hopefully I can figure it out (my recordings are on Sony Mini-Discs and I have Audacity on my computer that will convert wav files to mp3 files – I think…. If someone can offer me info on how best to make these mp3s available, I would be very grateful and I can promise that everyone will find these recordings interesting).
Though I am also a numbers station enthusiast and have logged many over the years, I don’t plan on discussing that aspect of our hobby and will instead concentrate on what (I think) we all consider “true clandestines”.
I hope that you will find my blog informative, entertaining, and useful in your own hunting for these stations. Thanks.