A New Station – BOC HF RADIO

A new pirate station, BOC HF RADIO was heard yesterday, August 30, 2013 on 6925 USB starting at 2310 UTC. The station featured music from the electronic music band Boards of Canada.

The station was logged by quite a few listeners on the HF Underground Pirate Radio Message Board
The station opened with a PSK125 transmission:

RYRYRYRYRYRY I AM GLAD that my signal has reached such a far audience! I was not expecting such a turn out for te teS t _eP show. I couldn’t help myself, I have to go up again! I will be playing a new album, a favorite of many: TOMORROW’S HARVEST by BOARDS OF CANADA Thank you for listening, everybody. -UNID

The second transmission began with this CW (Morse Code) message:


And closed with an SSTV image:

The station operator send me the following eQSL in response to my reception report, which was sent to bochfradio@gmail.com


Here are recordings of the two transmissions from yesterday:

2310 UTC:

2340 UTC:

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