Somewhat Poor Propagation Today 15 Aug 2013

CFRX 6070 is a station I frequently use as a reference to see how the bands, particularly 48 and 43 meters, are doing. Normally it is about S9+10. It was only S6 around 1800z today, it since has improved to S8 to S9 at 1930z.

Another listener, in NH (so closer to CFRX) reports that they are barely moving the S meter there.

I checked the real time FoF2 map, and the critical frequency (which is the highest frequency will be reflected directly back down) is only 6 MHz over most of the US, falling to 5 MHz over Canada. This is what you would expect with a depressed FoF2 frequency:

If this continues, 43 meters may be near useless for close in (NVIS) reception, especially as the critical frequency falls later in the day. More distant listeners would still be able to receive signals, but the K index is presently 4, which is close to storm levels.

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