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Known email addresses for Pirate Radio Stations and European Private Shortwave stations :


Stations That Do Not QSL

The following stations have a policy of not QSLing, or don't appear to reliably QSL based on listener experiences, whether reports are emailed or posted on the HFU loggings forum. Stations are free to set their own QSL, or lack of QSL, policies, it takes time for operators to verify reports and prepare and send QSLs. It also takes time for listeners to write reports. This list is to help listeners avoid disappointment:

Missing Emails

These are North American stations that have been known to QSL to reports on the HFU but their email addresses are not known. Have one to add? You can log into the Wiki with your HFU username and password, or send a PM to Shortwave_Listener and I will add them.

North America

Old Email Addresses North America

This is a list of all old emails for North American pirates. Most of these stations have not been heard for a long time and a few have changed their email or no longer QSL. Any stations in this category will be promptly moved back to the regular North America section if they are heard again.

Stations that did not QSL

North America

Latin America


Old Email Addresses Europe

This is a list of all old emails for European pirates. Most of these stations have not been heard for a long time and a few have changed their email or no longer QSL. Any stations in this category will be promptly moved back to the regular Europe section if they are heard again.

European Mediumwave Stations

Works.png This article or section is under construction.

Addresses from World of Radio

Via Harold Frodge, WOR #2929

Recently reported e-mail addresses (Some are recent relays of old programs & may not be valid.)

  • Ball Smacker Radio ballsmacker@protonmail.com (2021)
  • The Beginning thebeginning6965@gmail.com (2021)
  • Big Johnson Radio bigjohnsonradio@gmail.com
  • Brocket 99 brocket99shortwave@gmail.com
  • Captain Morgan SW captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com (2021)
  • CBZO krakerradio@pmlol.com
  • Celtic Music Radio irelandfreeradio@gmail.com (2019)
  • Channel Z channelzradio@gmail.com
  • Charleston Radio Int’l charlestonradiointernational@yahoo.com
  • Cool AM Radio CoolAMRadio@hotmail.com (2021)
  • Cupid Radio cupidradio@hotmail.com
  • CYOT cyotshortwave@gmail.com (2018)
  • Doctor Tim (Euro) doctortim@t-online.de (2021)
  • Electric Circus theelectriccircusshortwave@gmail.com (2018)
  • EM Radio (Euro) emradio@gmx.net (2021)
  • Enterprise Radio (Italy) enterpriseradio@hotmail.com (2021)
  • Flashback AM flashbackam@outlook.com (2017)
  • Foxy AM FoxyAM@protonmail.com
  • Green Monster Radio greenmonsterradio@gmail.com (2018)
  • Hot Radio HotRadio@outlook.com
  • Howdy Doody Radio howdydoodyradio@gmail.com
  • Ion Radio ionradioshortwave@gmail.com (2021)
  • Jodel Piraat (Euro) jodelpiraat@gmx.net (2021)
  • Laser Hot Hits (Euro) studio@laserhothits.co.uk
  • Little Feat Radio (England) littlefeatam@gmail.com (2021)
  • L0DE Radio L0DE@L0DE.com (2021, 0 = zero)
  • Key Radio (Euro) keyradioam@gmail.com (2021)
  • KR1 (Netherlands) info@kennemeradio1.nl
  • Mike Radio (Netherlands) mikeradio@live.nl
  • Mix Radio Int’l Mix.Radio.International@protonmail.com (2021)
  • Movie Clip Radio MovieClipRadio@gmail.com (2020)
  • Mystery Radio 21 mysteryradio21@gmail.com (2021)
  • Network 51 network51pirateradio@gmail.com (2019)
  • Nowhere Radio nowhere.radio@yahoo.com (2021)
  • Offshore History Radio ohrradio@outlook.com (2021)
  • Panda Radio pandaswradio@gmail.com*
  • Pandora Radio pandoraradio@hotmail.com*
  • Pioneer Radio PioneerAM@gmail.com (2021)*
  • Poop Deck Radio WILD@protonmail com (2021)
  • Radio 37 (Denmark) qsl@radio37.dk
  • Radio 48 radio48@protonmail.com (2021)
  • Radio 60 (Euro) erdenman@gmx.de (2021)
  • Radio 319 319report@gmail.com (2021)
  • Radio Anonymous radionnonymous@hotmail.com (2021)*
  • Radio Bella Italia (Italy) radiobellaitalia@gma.ne*t
  • Radio BZN (Euro) radiobzn@gmx.ne*t
  • Radio Casa radiocasaam@gmail.com
  • Radio Corsair radiocorsair@protonmail.com
  • Radio Cuckoo (Ireland) radiocuckoo@yahoo.com
  • Radio Delta radiodelta6925@gmail.com
  • Radio Dummy Load (Euro) radiodummyload@gmx.net
  • Radio Diana Int’l radio.doanainternational@protonmail.com
  • Radio Easter Bunny radioeasterbunny@gmx.net
  • Radio Elektra (Euro) radiolektra@protonmail.com (2021)
  • Radio Enterhaken (Euro) enterhaken@dmx.de (2018)
  • Radio Europe (Italy) radioeurope@iol.it
  • Radio Free Mars radiofreemars@gmail.com (obsolete?)
  • Radio Free USA RadioFreeUSAPirate@gmail.com (2020)
  • Radio Genix radiogenixsw@gmail.com (2021)
  • Radio Harmony harmonyqrz@gmail.com
  • Radio Humperdoo drunkenradiopirate@gmail.com (2020)
  • Radio Igloo radioigloo@gmail.com
  • Radio Jan van Gent (Euro) radiojanvangent@gmail.com
  • Radio Joey (Euro) radiojoey@hotmail.com
  • Radio March Music (Euro) radiomarchmusic@gmx.net
  • Radio Merlin Int’l (Euro) radiomeriin@blueyonder.co.uk (2021)
  • Radio Mushroom radiomushroom@gmail.com
  • Radio Northern Europe Int’l tgwtr@protonmail.com
  • Radio Nova (N.American) radionovausa2020@gmail.com (2021)
  • Radio Nova (Euro) shortwaveradionova@gmail.com
  • Radio Olah radioolah@gmail.com
  • Radio Olympia (Euro) radioolympia@gmx.net (2021)
  • Radio Piepzendar (Netherlands) radioqsl@hotmail.com
  • Radio Space Shuttle Int’l (Euro) spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com
  • Radio Truth Int’l trlinternational@protonmail.com
  • Radio Waves Int’l (Euro) rwaves@free.fr
  • Rammstein Radio (Euro) rammsteinradio@gmx.de (2021)
  • Rebel Radio rebel.se@hotmail.com
  • Recycle Radio recycleradioshortwave@gmail.com
  • Reggae Radio raggaeradio@gmx.net (2021)
  • Rock-It Radio rockitradio@netzero.net
  • Sloppy Joe Radio sloppyjoeirate@gmail.com (2020)
  • Space Shuttle Radio spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com
  • Speedwing Radio speedwingradio@gmax.ne*t
  • Sycko Radio SyckoRadio@gmail.com (2021)
  • Tater Patch Radio taterpatchradio@taterpatchradio.com (2020)
  • Technical Man (Netherlands) technicalman@hotmail.nl
  • Telstar Radio (Euro) telstarradio@yaho.com (2021)
  • Texas Radio Shortwave texasradiosw@gmail.com (2020)
  • Toynbee Radio toynbeeradio@gmail.com (2018)
  • Trance AM (Euro) tranceam@gmx.net (2021)
  • Trans-Atlantic Broadcast transatlanticbroadcast@gmx.net (2021)
  • Truth Radio Int’l TRLInternational@protnmail.com (2021)
  • Two Dog Radio twodogradio@gmail.com (2021)*
  • The Vault (Euro) vaultshortwave@mail.com (2021*)
  • Voice of Oz thefoxsw@aol.com (2020*)
  • Voice of Pancho Villa mysteryirateradio@gmail.com (2021)
  • Voice of Pearl Harbor voiceofpearlharbor@gmail.com
  • Voice of Uncle Don thevoiceofuncledon@gmail.com
  • Voice of Vrillon (Euro) thevoiceofvrillon@gmail.com
  • Voice of Weird Al voiceofweirdal@gmail.com
  • WDDR Drunken DJ Radio drunkenradiopirate@gmail.com
  • WEAK WEAKradio@gmail.com
  • WLG We Love Girls stationWLG@gmail.com
  • World Cup Radio (Euro) worldcupradio@gmx net
  • WREC Radio Free East Coast WRECradio@gmail.com
  • XFM xfmshortwave@gmail.com (2021)
  • XTC Shortwave, Xenon Transmitting Co. (Euro) xtcshortwave@googlemail.com
  • Zeppelin Radio zeppelinradiosw@yahoo.com

Other sites with email addresses of pirate stations


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